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This girl is a, blonde, legal teen, strutting her stuff and being pouty and proud, almost being a bit much in the attitude department, but she wants to be your personal piggy bank, where you deposit money and lavish her with expensive gifts, but it seems she offers softcore only material in return. Princess Bratty can live the part through her site, and it’s said it will be given in nice clarity.

Genre: Teens, Solo

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Download from - PrincessBratty_alittlebitdramatic.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_americandream.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_americanflag.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_blackpantyhose.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_blueschoolgirl.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_boysarestupid.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_bubblebath.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_classflirt.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_footworship.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_freeones.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_giveheadgirl.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_golddigger.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_ifthetiarafits.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_igotthepussy.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_iloveshopping.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_itallaboutme.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_nastynurse.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_pinkpantyhose.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_privatedisciplinearmygirl.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_secretary.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_smallpenishumiliation.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_smokingblacklingerie.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_spoiltbrat.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_spongebobpjs.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_spongebobshower.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_strictsportumpire.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_sugardaddywanted.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_supergirl.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_uloveme.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_varsitycheerleader.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_whatdaddydoesntknow.wmv
Download from - PrincessBratty_yesimafuckingprincess.wmv

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