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Nikki Rhodes (born January 20, 1982 in Simi Valley, California, United States; also known as Nikki Rose, Nikki Roze, Nikki Coxxx)is a naturally red-headed American porn star. She began appearing in adult films in around 2006 while at the age of about 24, and has appeared in over 70 movies as of December 2009, as well as many online videos. She has also appeared in numerous photoshoots, including several in Penthouse.

She was raised in Lancaster/Palmdale and in Little Rock and Antelope Valley in California’s Mojave Desert. She was a straight-A student, started college at the age of fifteen, and attended two and a half years of law school.

She originally came into the adult film industry as a makeup artist. Her first film as a performer was in Rated T for Teens #5, with Mark Wood.

In 2009, she shot a role in the feature film In The Minds of Men (unreleased as of December 2009).

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