Loni Evans – Megapack

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Loni Evans – Megapack

Loni Evans is a truly stunning new porn star. She is only 5’2 and 103 lbs with a massive set of perfect 36DD tits. Loni has black should length hair and amazing blue eyes. She has her tongue pierced and has tattoos on her lower and upper back. Loni does both hardcore and softcore shoots, but really focuses on her hardcore scenes. Although new to the adult industry, Loni has already done shoots for Brazzers and Naughty America.

Loni Evans is one fiery little pornstar. She takes over every scene she is in and delivers some great performances. Loni is pretty short, but is super slim and toned. She also has a very nice set of full DD tits. Loni does both hardcore and softcore scenes, seeming to favor her boy-girl work. We think Loni has a great look to her, so we wish she’d focus a bit more on glamour shoots. She has done some stunning work with Twisty and Digital Desire on the softcore side of things.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Country: United States
Birthday: August 5, 1990
Hair Color: Black
Height: 158 cm / 5’2″
Weight: 47 kg / 103 lb
Bust Size: 36DD

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Download from k2s.cc - LonEvaMeg_MagicalFeet-Loni_The_Smart_Girl_With_Gorgeous_Feet.wmv
Download from k2s.cc - LonEvaMeg_Must_Be_Hot_With_That_Sweater_On.wmv
Download from k2s.cc - LonEvaMeg_MyDadsHotGirlfriend-Dad’s_Girlfriend,_Family_Friend.mp4
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Download from k2s.cc - LonEvaMeg_Slumber_Party__3-Scene__2.avi
Download from k2s.cc - LonEvaMeg_TeenBFF-Pre-Party_Threesome.wmv
Download from k2s.cc - LonEvaMeg_Too_Small_To_Take_It_All__3-Scene__4.avi

Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_-Genie,_I_Wish_To_Suck_Your_Tits..wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_-The_Public_Speaker.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_All_New_Beaver_Hunt__8-Scene__2.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_BigTitCreamPie-Fucking_Champ_Can_Be_Dangerous!.wmv

Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_CanHeScore-Loni_Evans_and_the_Texan.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_CrueltyParty-Cock_Blocking_Hoes.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_Daddy’s_Lil_Whore__4-Scene__4.avi
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_FuckedUpFacials-Loni_Evans_Outdoor_Fucking.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_Fucked_Up_Handjobs__9-Scene__5.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_FuckingDungeon-17.09.2010.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_Girl_Talk-Scene__4.avi
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_IKnowThatGirl-She_is_a_Naugthy_Girl.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_JurassicCock-Sweet_And_Ready.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_MagicalFeet-Loni_The_Smart_Girl_With_Gorgeous_Feet.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_Must_Be_Hot_With_That_Sweater_On.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_MyDadsHotGirlfriend-Dad’s_Girlfriend,_Family_Friend.mp4
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_On_The_Job_Training-Scene__1.avi
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_Porn_Stars_4_Paws.m4v
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_Pure18-Lovely_Loni.mp4
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_ShadyPI-Bitch_Blows_It.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_ShesAFreak-Giddy_Up_Pussy.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_Slumber_Party__3-Scene__2.avi
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_TeenBFF-Pre-Party_Threesome.wmv
Download from fboom.me - LonEvaMeg_Too_Small_To_Take_It_All__3-Scene__4.avi

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