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22 videos where grandpas fucks young teen girls

I star (Frankie) in the videos, which would make me the stud. I am 85 years old and I have never been involved in the porn or porno video industry in my life. For Christmas last year I was given a video camera by my son Johnny. At first I used it to film some beautiful birds and butterflies that I found in my garden, Then my friend Gus left his tablet at my house and I Started to look at that. I found some very pretty girls in porn videos like I have neve seen and I did not know existed. I then hatched a plan. I would make my own pron videos. Luckily I have plently of cash to spend each month since I get both a social security check and my vetearns pay (I fought in Korea). I also figured that I could do better than thoes young guys making porno for the simple reason that they are lazy. I see the same girls and the same studs on all videos and I find that boring, frankly. I work harder. Every pretty young girl (18 and older only of course!) that you see in my porn videos I personally found and they have never been involved in any porn or sex industry or anything in their lives. And i Know another thing. I am an old guy and thanks to morden science I can still get my dick hard. I want to watch porn of old guys like myself having sex with pretty young girls and that just doesn’t exist out there in the porn world. I love sex too.
Genre: Teens, Grandpa, Group


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