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#1) Anna Zolotarenko (Anna-Gold, Anna Lacey, Priscilla...)

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    Name: Anna Zolotarenko (Zolotarenko Anna Igorevna)
    Also known as: Anna Lacey, Andy Priscilla, Anna-Gold,AKA:Alice, Andy Priscilla, Anna, Anna Gold, Anna Lacey, Anna Mia, Anna Z, Anna Z, Anuta, Chrissy, Diana, Elina, Ganna, Isela, Isela, Jenifer Luv, Lera, Lily, Louise, Lusy, Nataly, Nicol , Olga, Priscilia, Tanya, Viola, Zdenka
    Age: 19 December 1983
    Height: 170 cm
    Weight: 54 kg
    Hair Color: brown
    Breast size: a
    Nationality: Ukraine
    Image Image Image
    Zolotarenko Anna was born in Moscow on November 19, 1983, but is a citizen of Ukraine. Unremarkable childhood girl who dreams of fame, growing up is really becoming known throughout the world. Today Zolotarenko Anne, better known under the name of Priscilla, know thousands and millions of people around the world. High (170cm), slim brunette won the hearts of thousands, going on is not quite a standard way to fame - by becoming a porn actress. Very few people of Russian or Ukrainian girls can boast such popularity, which was at Anya in 18 years. Photos and videos of Anna Zolotarenko, removable under such pseudonyms as Priscilla, Nataly, Louise, Anuta, Anna, Melissa, you can find almost any porn site.
    Most often, Priscilla was withdrawn in the category of hardcore videos, preferring to all other oral and anal sex. Not a few shot and BDSM videos. This is evidenced by thousands of video clips and photos, which Zolotarenko aka Priscilla Anne demonstrates the wonders of flexibility, yielding to the most exotic and extravagant positions one, two or more partners. Group sex in particular love this porn star, but she refuses to lesbian fun. A large number of lesbian video has been removed from Priscilla - she has always proved to be on top!
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