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Angel Rain is from Baltimore, Maryland where she worked as a dancer and escort (not sure about this). She moved to Los Angeles and began appearing on porn sites in mid-2007. She worked under then name Nikole as well.

So those are the facts and here are the rumors. I’m trying to think of a way to write this without it coming off as totally mean but she’s dumb. Not just normal dumb but ‘maybe something is really wrong with her’ kind of dumb. When you watch her videos she’s quiet, unresponsive, unsure of herself and awkward. Most of the time who gives a shit, right? She’s got big tits and she really is beautiful and hot looking. But she also gets sent home from sets pretty often because she can’t seem to follow instructions. Some other things I heard: she thinks her implants attract sharks, her lips are involved in a lawsuit (??), she has her dialog held up on cue cards for her, and she may have already retired from porn.

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